Giclée Production is the process of creating high quality reproduction prints from original works of art, using the latest, archival digital printing technology.  
Alexander Patho has been creating his own fine art prints for more than forty-five years.  
His exploration of the art and science of the photographic process was driven by his passion for the highest image quality.  This passion continued into the digital age with his mastery of Giclée printmaking.  For the past six years Alexander, working together with his son, has been commissioned by fine art painters for the creation of limited edition Giclée prints.  
With each new Giclée project, their mission is the complete satisfaction of the artist.
The Giclée Production Process
I.  Image Capture
The original art work is digitized, creating a high resolution digital file.  Usually file sizes range from 200 MB to 300 MB.  This is pure, 48 bit, captured image data with absolutely no interpolation.  For the highest quality results we prefer to work from the original painting, however if the original art is no longer available we can create Giclées from large  or medium format transparencies.
II.  Image Adjustment & Proofing
Communication between the artist and the printmaker is the most critical part of creating a successful Giclée print.  The appropriate fine art paper or canvas must be selected to meet the artist’s requirements for the texture and appearance of the finished print.  The medium of the original art, being oil, watercolor or pastel, must also be carefully considered.  
At this stage the captured file is adjusted to match the original as close as possible, in density, color and overall appearance.  Although our computer displays are regularly calibrated and printers are custom profiled for each media we use,  we have to print several tests during this process to make minute adjustments and achieve a proper match.  At the final stage of testing, a 8 x 14 inch proof is printed and reviewed by the artist.  If necessary any image adjustments can be made as requested by the artist.
III.  Print Making & Finishing
Once the proof satisfies the artist, the full size production print is ready to be made.  We have no requirement for a minimum number of prints.  The artist can order one, five or fifty prints at a time, making Giclée prints a very economical way to create art reproductions.
We employ the latest in Giclée printing technology.  Our 44 inch wide printer uses a 12 color, high gamut, pigmented ink system.  It is able to authentically reproduce rich colors on a wide variety of print media, including Canvas, Watercolor, Textured and Smooth fine art papers.
For prints which will be displayed without glass such as most Canvas prints, we offer a print-shield coating for additional protection against moisture and UV light.  Canvas prints may be ordered stretched and ready to hang.
Please give us a call or send an email to discuss creating a high quality, archival Gicleé print of your art.  We would be happy to answer any questions for you.
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