Alexander Patho is a internationally recognized fine art photographer.  His striking color images are the culmination of forty-five years of research and exploration of photographic art and technique.  
The seamless fusion of traditional photography with cutting edge digital archival print making characterizes his artistic method.  From image capture to the final print, he completes every aspect of the photographic process himself, maintaining complete control over it.
Please view the collection of Fine Art Pittsburgh photographs, created by Alexander Patho.  Each one is available for sale as a Canvas print or a more traditional Luster print.  Canvas prints may be requested stretched or framed.  Luster prints may be ordered print only, matted or framed.  Image sizes range from standard 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20, to any custom size, even 120 inches long.  Email us with your size requirement.
This collection of Landscape photographs represents the work of Alexander Patho Jr. With these fine art photographs he attemts to convey the awe inspiring nature of these mountains, canyons and National Parks.
Fine Art Photographs of Pittsburgh                 by Alexander Patho
National Park Photographs                            by Alexander Patho Jr.
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